You Don't Have to Take Our Word for It!

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say about Ed's Transmission Service:

HONEST: could of told me that we needed a new transmission (as we actually brought the transmission we just bought into them). After looking at the car it was not the transmission it was the starter. He changed the starter and advised to return the transmission to where we bought it (it is under 30 day return policy thank goodness). The car on initial start up made a vibrating sound that he had not heard so I recorded it and he advised to drop it off and they would look at it and adjust if needed. David and mechanic were very nice helpful and HONEST. Bringing my other vehicles into them. I have never had a mechanic that I trusted but I do believe I have finally found one. Believe when I say I have the worst luck with cars lol THANK YOU DAVID

Susan B.

I came in about 6 months ago to get my transmission fluid changed. The service was absolutely wonderful and the person who helped me was very kind and knowledgeable. He even ran a code for me to tell me something else about my car free of charge. Flash forward to a few days ago I get my oil changed at Grease Monkey. They tell me it looks as though my transmission fluid is leaking and I need to get it taken care of asap, do not drive very far (Great, I have a 10 hour round trip drive coming up this weekend and no extra money!) So I call Ed's and he tells me to bring the car in the next morning... so this morning I come in, they put the car up and show me there is no leak showed me where everything is and topped off the fluid. He took the car back out after just to double check. I had told him about something my car was doing while shifting and that I thought it was my transmission, he informed me that it was an engine issue and gave me advice on what to do. All free of charge. This is the way to run a business! They didn't talk down to me or belittle me like some other places have, they genuinely wanted to make sure that I was satisfied and taken care of and that really goes a long way. I will be recommending them to all my friends and family and will make sure to take all my future cars there for my transmission needs. Thank you again for such great service today!

Arielle S.

My car started making really bad noises today. I called up David, and he had me bring it in. It was my first time here. He figured out what was wrong with my car in less than 5 minutes, gave me a very reasonable quote to get it fixed, and can do it tomorrow! Awesome! I'll definitely start bringing my car here!

Samantha B.

Store opened at 8:15 today, so I had to wait a while, not that big a deal. Just FYI if you are on a tight schedule. Service was great. They drove it and said it didn't need much, just transmission service. Brakes and all else were OK. This is for an old Dodge Diesel I hardly ever drive. They were honest and quick.

Steve K.

They tried really hard to remove a sheared bolt on my differential case. When they couldn't do it they sent me on my way without charging me. Excellent effort and service.

Joe D.